Changing workplace culture just got practical

  • Low Employee Motivation

    Poor cultures leave employees exhausted. Employees are demotivated, unenthusiastic and not getting their work done. There are lots of absence days, complaints, conflicts and resignations.

  • Poor Performance

    Poor cultures leads to poor performance. The team or organization fails to meet its targets, misses deadlines, receives terrible customer feedback and loses customers fast. There is slow to no progress on strategy implementation.

  • Lack of direction

    Weak cultures lead to a lack of direction and focus. Backstabbing, politics and conflicts are detracting from the team's focus and distracting employees from fulfilling the organization's purpose.

  • Employee Loyalty and Resilience

    Teams with good cultures inspire employee loyalty and resilience. Employees have more energy, work more creatively and won't be easily tempted to leave for another position elsewhere.

  • Improved Performance

    Teams with great cultures outperform those who don't by 202%. Companies with great cultures see a 765% increase in net income over 10 years. There is no denying that an improved culture leads to an improved bottom line.

  • Cost Savings

    The cost of replacing a trained employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary. Organizations with great cultures have 40% less resignations, 50% less absence days and 18% higher productivity.

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Module 1 - What is culture?

Module 2 - Assess

  • Assess and describe your current culture
  • About the assignments
  • Module 2: Assignment 1 - Culture Self-assessment (Walkthrough)
  • How to do Perception Assessments
  • Module 2: Assignment 2 - Perception Assessments (Walkthrough)
  • Module 2: Assignment 3 - Reflect (Walkthrough)
  • Module 2: Assignment 4 - Describe your current culture (Walkthrough)
  • Module 2: Assignment 5 - Root cause analysis (Walkthrough)
  • Module 2: Assignment 6 - Summarize (Walkthrough)

Module 3 - Craft

  • Crafting your desired culture
  • Module 3: Assignment 1 - Personal Values (Walkthrough)
  • Module 3: Assignment 1 - Values to Behaviours (Walkthrough)
  • Module 3: Assignment 3 - Strategic Alignment (Walkthrough)
  • Module 3: Assignment 4 - Employee Wellbeing (Walkthrough)
  • Module 3: Assignment 5 - Describe your desired culture (Walkthrough)

Module 4 - Plan

  • Planning for culture change
  • Module 4: Assignment 1 - Gap analysis (Walkthrough)
  • Module 4: Assignment 2 - Action Plan (Walkthrough)
  • Creating an Achievement Culture
  • Creating a Customer Centric Culture
  • Creating an Innovation Culture
  • Creating a Team First Culture
  • Module 4: Assignment 3 - Metrics and Measures (Walkthrough)

Module 5 - Implement and Monitor

  • Implement and Monitor
  • Module 5: Assignment 1 - Communication Plan (Walkthrough)
  • Module 5: Assignment 2 - Progress Report (Walkthrough)
  • Module 5: Assignment 3 - One Year Review (Walkthrough)

Culture Blueprint Course

This course is a ridiculously practical guide to improving your team's culture. It provides an in-depth, step-by-step, 100% practical blueprint for getting started with changing your team's culture for the better.

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Meet your Instructor

Estie has been building and managing teams for the last 15 years, ranging from project offices and delivery teams to service desk, support and customer success teams.

Estie loves understanding how people think and function best, a passion which she combines with her corporate experience to help new managers adapt to the unique challenges they face and to help managers to create teams that are happier and more productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Business owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses and teams, who want to understand culture better and actively work on improving their team or organization's culture, will benefit most from this course. The leader of a team or organization sets the tone for the group of people they lead and will therefore be in the prime position to affect culture change. This course can also be used by managers and team leads who want to actively build a certain culture (high-performance, innovation, safety, team-first) in their teams.

How long will it take to work through this course?

This course is extremely practical. You will be actively working in your own team to change your own culture - this could take time and will depend on the amount of focus and energy you can devote to it. Everyone's team will be different and will take a different amount of time to change. Other factors that will influence the speed of your culture change is the amount of buy-in you have from your team and other leaders in your organization. The more buy-in and support you have, the easier and quicker the change will be.

Can Human Resources Professionals take this course?

Human Resource professionals will benefit from this course, but only if they have supportive leaders who are invested in the culture change journey and who are willing to get actively involved.

When you say this course is practical, what do you mean?

This course is ridiculously practical. As we work through the content, you will be completing the assignments using your own team. You will effectively be changing your own team through following the steps in this course... real-time!

Will I get a certificate if I complete this course?

No, this is a transformation course. What that means is, it is not information-focused and does not have any quizzes for the purpose of testing your knowledge. You are going to learn by experience and there is no way for the facilitator to validate whether or not you've taken on the knowledge imparted onto you. You will know that you have successfully integrated the knowledge from this course when you start seeing positive changes in your team's culture!

Can I put this course on my CV? Is it accredited?

This course is not currently accredited with any official educational institutions. The main aim of the course is to help leaders and managers change the culture in their teams.

This specific course is not meant for individuals who are still hoping to be promoted and want to show their education on their CV as a motivation for promotion. If you have been successful in improving a team's culture, that is a worthwhile accomplishment to list on your CV.

I'm not sure if this course is for me.

If you are not the leader of your team or organization OR you are not ready to actively start working on your organization's culture TODAY, then you are right, this course is not for you.

What type of support can I expect?

The facilitator is available to assist with any questions or guidance required ( There is also a Facebook group for course participants where they can connect with other like-minded individuals and where the facilitator is actively assisting members with their questions and concerns.