Consulting Services

Leadersmiths offers the following team and management related consulting services:

Process Definition and Optimisation

Well-defined processes are the cornerstone of a highly functional team. In order for a team to run efficiently, in harmony, like clockwork, they first need to identify the various processes required to fulfil their purpose, the steps involved in each process and the accountability for each process step.

Processes sometimes become outdated or inefficient, slowing the team down, rather than speeding up operations.

Our consulting team has decades of experience in creating, documenting and optimising processes and we are available to assist teams at any stage of the process life cycle.

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Employee Engagement

Our in-house model for employee engagement revolutionize the traditional concept and takes it beyond run-of-the-mill, annual surveys that employees have started to ignore. Our process kicks off with an in-depth assessment and covers a variety of areas such as management, leadership, vision, direction, communication and more to create a robust view of the employee's experience. From there we guide and assist with implementing measures and practices that target the core tenants of what employees need to truly commit, heart and soul, to their team and their organizations.

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Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience has become a crucial decision point for both B2C and B2B organizations. Anyone who ignores the quality of experience they provide to their customers, do so at their own peril!

Whether you are new to the discipline of customer experience or looking to intensify your customer's loyalty, our Principle Consultant will have the answers for you. With years' experience as an Executive of Customer Experience and a decade's experience in providing customer services, she has the knowledge and experience to get your CX area off the ground and to take it to the next level.

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Team Set-up and Scale-up

Introducing new disciplines to an organization is time-consuming and organisations rarely have the knowledge and experience in-house to get to a team up and running quickly and efficiently.

We have extensive experience in setting up:

  • Project Management Offices
  • Service Desk Teams
  • Customer Experience Teams
  • Service Delivery / SLA Management Teams

Capitalize on our experience to help grow and scale your organization.

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Culture Assessment and Transformation

An organization's culture is the single biggest contributor to its ability to deliver on its strategy. If your culture does not support your strategy, your growth will suffer. Contrary to popular belief, company cultures CAN be changed and molded through careful planning and execution.

Once you understand that cultures are created accepting, rejecting and tolerating behaviours, culture change and transformation becomes accessible and practical.

Speak to one of our consultants today to understand how we can help you unlock this critical competitive advantage for you.

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Team Performance Improvement

When a team is not performing, it often requires an outside source to have an objective look at the team dynamics, group behaviours, performance indicators, processes, and capabilities to identify areas for improvement and help drive the change.

If you have an underperforming team, our consultants can help identify the problem, create a plan for improvement and drive the change you need to make the team excel.

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