Leadersmiths serves to empower middle managers

Whether you are a new team leader, supervisor, middle manager or senior manager, each new promotion brings a new set of challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary training, coaching, advice, and guidance you need to become a highly effective, confident manager that leads high performing teams.

  • We show up authentically

    The only real contribution we can make to the world lies in showing up as ourselves. Imitating others diminishes our unique offerings and we are not prepared to do that.

  • Making meaning is kindling to productivity

    We tie every decision and every action back to meaning - nothing gets done just for the sake of doing it. Every action has a purpose and it is in making meaning that we ignite our passion.

  • We communicate with honesty and transparency

    Honest, clear, direct, and kind communication is required to build lasting relationships, in life and in business. We don't believe in hiding or distorting the truth.

  • We strive for excellence in everything we do

    We do things 150% or not at all. Every piece of work is subjected to one question: "Can this be better?" If yes, then there is more work to be done.

  • We believe in hard work - there are no quick fixes

    Leadership and management cannot be improved by magic, overnight. It requires dedication, self-awareness, humility, courage, and hard work.

  • We focus on continous learning

    We will never reach a point where we declare we know all there is to know. There is always more to learn, new perspectives to consider and new avenues to explore. Our learning journey will never end.

A gallop through the timeline

My name is Estie van der Watt and I am the founder of Leadersmiths.

I've spent 15 years in corporate, mostly in the software services and cybersecurity industries, working with big clients such as Sanlam, SAB Miller, Sasol, Anglo American, Tiger Brands and more. While working, I completed an undergraduate and an honors degrees in Psychology (I get really excited about understanding how people think).

I was promoted to Executive of Customer Experience in 2020 and managed a large portfolio of multiple teams (project office, service deliver management, service desk and customer experience) when I finally decided to head out on my own in August 2023.

Initially, I tried out various different niches, including employee engagement, organizational culture, and happiness at work, until I finally discovered the perfect fit: teaching leadership and management to first-time middle managers.

This focus allows me to put my years in management and my psychology degrees to good use!

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Horses are great leaders

I grew up around horses. From my very first pony ride at the age of 11, I was hooked. My friends and I would spend days brushing them, washing them, riding them, sitting by them while they eat...

It was only after I moved through the corporate world and decided to launch my own business that I realized how much I've learned from horses about leadership. And how much their ways of leading resemble my ideal description of a leader.

It is no coincidence then, that my company name alludes to an aspect of equestrian life - blacksmiths and leathersmiths. Just as they are the makers of things equestrian, we strive to be the makers of confident, influential leaders.